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She is 25, blonde hair, light brown eyes, fashion model build. She was born on the outskirts of Milan to a family not very wealthy. She started working at an early age to earn her studies and, thanks to her perseverance and creativity, she has succeeded in realizing her dream : taking a certificate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.She found a job with an Art Gallery, where she is well appreciated for her kindness and capabilities. She has a peculiar personality since she has begun alternating moments when she is extroverted and happy to moments when she prefers to stay alone to paint ( Painting is her great passion) and to follow her dreams. She has a lot of friends and admirers, but she hasn’t a boyfriend, she is still looking for a soulmate with which to share emotions and life. Another aspect of her character is that she is very determined and is therefore convinced that sooner or later she will meet someone really special. Thanks to her talent at painting, her friends have convinced her to subscribe to a chat group for young artists.punto.jpg (2786 byte)


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