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Patrick is 27 years old, light brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, in short he is a very handsome young man. He inherited his name from his Irish great grand-father who emigrated to the United States where he made a fortune. His heirs had built a flourishing electronics industry. Patrick was brought up in confort and ease. His parents live in Los Angeles and have unwillingly fulfilled his wish to go to London to study and there open a graphic art study...He works with Alan, his school mate and best friend. The distance from his family has made him stronger and independent but also a bit selfish and superficial. Frank and extrovert, he is a real optimist and this philosophy of life allows him to throw himself into many enterprises. His greatest passion, shared with his friend Alan, is the computer, used for both work and leisure; lately he had subscribed to a chat group for young artists from all over the world.punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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