Chapter IX

Weeks later (but how many?)      -Is that you Tom? This is Patrick.    -At last you’ve called! I have been trying to find you everywhere. But where are you?      I am in Milan with a friend. Have you seen Alan recently? I can’t get in touch with him.     -It is because of him that I have been phoning you.     -Why, what’s happened to him?      -He had started drinking heavily again. Two nights ago, he was drunk, he had a car accident. He’s in hospital now, he is in bad conditions and wants to see you.     -Oh my God!..I will come immediately, I will take the first flight!     (Valentina) -I heard you were very upset on the phone, any trouble?     -Alan.     -What’s happened?     -He’s not well, I have to leave at once.      -I’ll come with you.     -No, that’s not advisable, Alan had fallen in love with you, you realized it, didn’ you? He didn’t suddenly leave because of our work. When he saw us kissing he escaped to London. I thought he would be able to overcome the disappointment himself but......      -But what ‘s happened?   -He is in hospital. I have to go.     -Call me as soon you are there.      -Yes, but I really hope I will get there in time.      -You are really in despair, but you mustn’t blame yourself.      -Yes, it was. Leave me alone.   -Are we going to leave each other this way?     -I can’t talk to you now, I have to think of him, please try to understand !     -I understand but please call me. punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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