Chapter VII

But....-Yesterday evening I saw you with Valentina, you had told me you hadn’t noticed anything special, you only used to discuss about work while instead... -You are right Alan, but it happened all of a sudden, I didn’t want it.-Don’t say more, I am going back to London, I will take care of our work-Alan, don’t be silly, I was influenced by what you told me about her.., but I didn’t mean to hurt you, please stay here, you’ll see that everything will be the same as it was before-No it is silly and useless to try to conceal what has happened, when I saw how you looked at each other, I had already realized it, don’t you remember I told you? Once again Alan had succeeded in understanding the look in someone else’s eyes. Patrick didn’t get him to change his idea, but he didn’t care because in the last years his friend had become a stronger person . He believed that Alan would face up to the disappointment without worring too much , but maybe he was only concerned with her.punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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