Chapter II

A week later they were at Heathrow airport leaving for Turin. When there they decided to hire a car and go to Courmayeur. In the hall of the hotel there were a lot of young people. Alan immediately noticed Valentina, as he later told Patrick. Again it was Valentina who they met the following morning in the conference hall. Hallo. I would like to introduce my friend and I to you, my name is Alan and this is Patrick, we are from London. Hallo, my name is valentina. Well, so you are the famous brothers.......Yes , that’s us, the famous Liam and Noel Gallagher- - And I am Patsy- - What a lucky coincidence....for me!-

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Alan added softly.They immediately started exchanging opinions on the "chat" of the young artists and on the good idea of creating it. From then on Alan hadn’t seemed bored anylonger, on the contrary, he started enjoying all the planned activities and he was always the one who presented exiting ideas on how to spend the spare time, Valentina used to go with them, mainly to ski. punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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