Capitolo XI

Three months had passed since the day Patrick had left. The following days he hadn’t called. She had phoned him but without receiving an answer. She had then learnt from Tom that Alan had died. -Poor Alan. Patrick will be highly distressed by his best friend’s death. If I were with him I could at least try to confort him. But he doesn’t want me, he hasn’t even phoned me, and I don’t know how to get in touch with him. Tom told me he doesn’t want to see anybody. Maybe it is my fault, if I hadn’t been there nothing would have happened. Alan is dead and Patrick is grief-stricken. I get afraid if I think of what he told me before leaving Milan....

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And I can’t do anything, if I tried to locate him it would be worse, I can only wait....It was awful to live with that feeling of emptiness, but the time they had spent together only made her miss him more and more. But she refused to give up. Not only words of love had been exchanged between them but much more.She had to do something.punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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