Chapter I

patralan.jpg (10112 byte) They were in their study, he was sitting in front of the computer, Alan was next to him, both watching the message on the screen....Well, Alan, make up your mind! Isn’t a meeting in Courmayeur a great idea? We could meet our on "chat" line friends, we could ski. And think of the girls! You don’t want me to go alone, do you? No, but I am not so willing to go. It is likely to be one of those boring conventions, where you aren’t allowed to do what you wish...-Well, I will book two seats on the plane, I will come and fetch you at home, if you come all right, otherwise... have a look at this list ! There are a lot of things you could do while I am away...Giving our study a clean to start with...- Ok,as usual you get your own way, I will come but I know that I will regret it afterwards.

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