Chapter IV

One evening, while in their room, Alan confided in him:- I like Valentina so much. What do you think of her? She is pretty, nice, she seems intelligent and well prepared, she could be a good partner for our study, I would like to know her more deeply can you leave me alone with her just for a while... Let her go istantly, or better let the job to hell, you are always thinking of it. By the way, have you seen what beautiful eyes she has!- -But you are falling in love with her, aren’t you? Can’t you think of anything else? - - I know, I am always thinking of her, but I perfectly know that she doesn’t like me.- - How can you guess it? You are your usual pessimistic self- -I have realised it and what is worse is that I have reslised that she likes you, when she looks at you her eyes are brighter and more attentive and you... you haven’t even realized it punto.jpg (2786 byte)

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