Hiro Forester

detecti.jpg (18128 byte) Hiro had an eventful life. He was born on an orbiting station from a third generation biologist who, too involved in her work, gave him birth absent- mindedly and then neglected him. He was grown up by his uncle in a space lab; at the age of 8 he had lost his right eye sight owing to an explosion caused by his ingenious uncle’s experiments. His eyes was replaced by a particular viewer linked to the optic nerve, which allowed him to visualize data whenever he was connected with the net. At that young age he already knew what any other boy would learn in ten-year study, and probably something more. As well as a wide I.T. knowledge, our hero had learnt the art of irony from his uncle. This is why when he got his left arm cut off in another accident, he left his brilliant career as a space cadet without making a drama out of it and put his experience to good use by becoming the most ingenious and well paid detective in the Galaxy.pallina.jpg (660 byte)

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