Chapter 9 Hiro went to the bar of the Hotel

baridetec.jpg (18351 byte) The journey wasn’t good; as soon as he arrived, Hiro went to the bar of the hotel, the most suitable place where to acquire information. The barman noticed the cyber viewer on the right eye of the newly arrived, it reminded him of somebody. -"Have you ever seen this man?" - Hiro slid Jack’s photo in front of his eyes. The barman, with a bent head, continued to dry the cup he held in his hands. -"I’ll ask again. Have you ever seen this man?"- he repeated leaning over the counter this time holding him firmly by the neck with his left claw. -"He has been killed in one of the filthy rooms of this hotel, maybe he was with someone, can you recall who it might have been if it’s not too much trouble?"pallina.jpg (660 byte)

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