Chapter 11   Jack worked on the Project

"Jack worked with my team on the Project, the damaged files were part of it. Strange, they hadn’t to be in Jack’s site, at least not all of them, it’s only me that can gain access to the complete project and I change the password every day. Noone but me and the Supreme Manager could possibly know it". But Hiro knew that Jack would open any door and he was also very greedy for information. It was easy now to reconscruct the whole business,more difficult to capture the killer, he was certainly in a safe hiding place somewhere in the agglomerate. As for the instigators, they could only formulate hypotesis. His job was complete. And what about Trexxen’s? He would waste months of hard work but the project would have to be made public before any Pexi could possibly take advantage of it, there was no other choice. pallina.jpg (660 byte)

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