Chapter 1   The Trexxen URL

jackcp.jpg (14774 byte) Jack   typed the TREXXEN URL: It was easy to visit the pages dedicated to the users, a bit more complicated to visit the secret ones. He got to the first wall and entered the first key, which he knew very well since he had beenworking there for a period of four years: he typed STRESS and the wall was reduced to hundreds of conglomerates of red, brown and black pixels. Only one was missing , but it could be easily discovered by a cracker like him. He opened his site, copied some files in the Trexxen one and waited a couple of minutes, the wall got eventually destroyed, he went inside where he could search the secret files till he found the one he was looking for, copying this he then went out with only eight seconds remaining before the emergency defences would become activated.pallina.jpg (660 byte)

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