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Plot of 'The Return of the Moon Man'

In 2500 A.D. they brought electricity ('the Electric') to Pen-y-Craig Farm, Wales.

The whole Griffith family celebrated the great event with joy, even Grandfather who was generally contrary to everything that smelled modern. The only one who did not take part in all the excitement was Gran. She carried the old paraffin lamp sadly into the scullery with tears in her eyes. But Gran usually had progressive ideas, she liked atomic cookers and washers and her greatest desire was to possess a space-ship, even a small one. 'Blasphemy', shouted Grandfather. The Lives of the Great Saints did not contain anything about these devil's inventions, he maintained. And Gran did not add a word.

In the same year it happened that the first Expedition to the Moon set off. And it happened that something went wrong and the Moon Men landed in Ten Acre Field. Uncle Space-Ship-Repairs Jones repaired it very quickly. When the Moon Men were ready to start, one of them decided to come back home. Dai, the narrator's father, offered to go in his place, but Grandfather prohibited him from going.

The same evening, the family discovered that Grandfather was not there. The next day they read in the newspaper that he was with the Moon party. From that night, for several nights, Gran went up the hill to be as close as possible to the Moon, followed by Bronwen, the narrator, who, child as she was, understood the situation and simply kept her company at a distance.

One night there was no Moon. Gran, taking no care of her son Dai's scientific explanations, decided that her husband had died. So, the following day, went to town and married Llewellyn Time Machine. They went to 1954 for their honeymoon. But two days after, all of a sudden ............ .

home testo autore personaggi luoghi / tempi focus trama analisisuspense

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