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Characters in 'The Return of the Moon Man'

Grandfather Griffiths, Mortimer = terribly conservative, used to shouting 'Blasphemy!' almost every evening for modern events or objects (e.g., space-ships or flying to the Moon) never mentioned in the Lives of the Great Saints. He doesn't seem to disapprove of the Electric - he is the first to press down the switch. He is the master in the family, it is he who decides what the other members can do. But, like all tyrants, he is unpredictable. In spite of his previous apparently strong beliefs all of a sudden he disappears and his relatives learn of his escape to the Moon from newspapers. Like all tyrants, he doesn't take care of the others. When he comes back home he offers no explanation and asks if every task has been carried out. Like all tyrants, he is vindictive. At the end of the story, he cruelly punishes his wife (see Gran ) 'with immense satisfaction'.

Dai my father = always called this way by the narrator, his daughter. A wise, practical man, he shows some inclination to change his routinary, hard life as a farmer, immediately frustrated by his father. He tenderly loves his daughter Bronwen, but this doesn't prevent him from making her experience the reality of human life. He is easily overwhelmed by his father's personality (and brutality - see the last scene) so he is not able to react and defend Gran.

mother = she is quoted once,at the very beginning of the story. She is one of the grown-ups of the family who look uneasy when Grandfather disappears.

Electric Plumber Williams =

Gran = a progressive woman: 'Left to herself she would have filled the house with refrigerators and atomic cookers and washers'. The funny thing is that she is sad when the Electric is brought to Pen-y-Craig Farm. Tearful, she carries the old paraffin lamp into the scullery. An era has come to an end. Always dressed in black, she wants a space-ship, but her husband, Mortimer, doesn't want anybody to mention the words space-ships. She treats her husband like a stubborn child. When he unexpectedly leaves for the Moon, she plays the role of the good wife who is looking forward to the return of her husband. But the absence of the Moon together with ignorance make her feel free from any marital chains: she recites a mourning speech and she marries Llewellyn Time Machine. Honeymoon doesn't last long. Her vindictive husband chases her back to the Middle Ages with no money and no means of getting back. She ends up taking the veil in a damp and cold Mediaeval nunnery!

Auntie Space-Ship-Repairs Jones

Bronwen, the narrator

Uncle Space-Ship-Repairs Jones

The Moon Man who bit his tongue when they landed sudden

The Moon Man, the leader

Read-All-About-It Evans

Llewellyn Time Machine

home testo autore personaggi luoghi / tempi focus trama analisisuspense

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