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Glossary of 'The return of the Moon Man'

blink = close eyes and very quickly open them again
grin = smile broadly
smug = someone is s. when they seem very pleased with how good, clever or fortunate
they are
as you please = used to emphasize what you are saying
scullery = (old-fashioned B.E.) a small room next to a kitchen where washing and other
domestic work is done
talk someone into something = persuade someone to do it
apt to do something = often do it
cling to/ clutch someone or something = hold them tightly
cling to the old ways = continue to believe in the importance of traditional habits
far off = distant
set off = start a journey
sicken = become ill
milk churns = container used for making butter
Dutch barn = farm building consisting of a roof supported on poles, without walls, used as
a shelter for hay, etc.
glint = produce or reflect a quick flash of light
spanner = a metal tool with a special end that can be loosened or tightened
Punch = the male character in a puppet show for children (Punch and Judy)
one short = without one member of the crew
gallivant = go to numerous places looking for amusement and entertainment
(old-fashioned word)
holloaing = calling

see someone off = go with them to the place they are leaving from and say goodbye to
roar = if someone roars, they shout in a very loud voice
if something roars, it makes a very loud noise
clean as a whistle = (here) there's nobody around
dusk = the time just before night when it is not completely dark
drop = let something fall
thrust = push or move something with a lot of force
sly = cunning, tricky, insidious
pegs = hooks used for hanging clothes on
swing = move with a curved movement
clear of = at a certain distance
stand on tiptoe = stand on the front part of the foot , without putting heels on the ground.
shiver = body shakes because of fear or cold
sigh = let out a deep breath
mutter = speak so quietly that you cannot easily be heard
shrink = become smaller
sickle = a tool used for cutting grass, with a short handle and a long curved blade.
(synonim for crescent)
Eisteddfod = a Welsh festival at which competitions are held in music, poetry, drama, etc.
shooting star = a bright star travelling very fast across the sky
fold = cross
lap = the flat area formed between stomach and thighs when sitting down
barefoot = with no shoes on
nasty = in an unpleasant way
sanitation = sewage system and clean water supply
argue = support your opinions in a logical way

honeymoon = holiday taken by a man and a woman who have just got married
harvest = gathering of a crop
grasp = take something in your hands and hold it very firmly
chopper = axe or butcher's knife
seize = take hold of something quickly, firmly, and forcefully
shake = hold and move something quickly backwards and forwards or up and down.
gasp = take a short quick breath through your mouth, especially if you are surprised,
shocked, or in pain.
Black Death = epidemic of bubonic plague in the 14th century
smash something into pieces = break something into pieces
strand = left in a place unable to return
take the veil = become a nun
nunnery = convent
damp = not completely dry, slightly wet
hanker = have a strong desire for

home testo autore personaggi luoghi / tempi focus trama analisisuspense

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