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This hypertext is aimed at offering a brief essay on ancient Celts’ fortified villages, starting from the descriptions found in our main source: Julius Caesar’s “De bello Gallico”.

By clicking on the icons on the left you will be able to reach the original Latin texts with translation: the section “Location and structure of the oppida” contains the links to more detailed information and to a map showing the location of Celtic oppida (the Latin name of fortified villages) in Gallia. The section “Walls” provides links to information and pictures of the “Murus Gallicus” and on fortifying methods.

Caesar’s writings are well confirmed by archaeological records and studies: we have considered the sites where the settlements of Avaricum, Bibracte, Alesia, Vesontio and Gergovia were located. The sections dedicated to them (where you can access by clicking on the correspondent icons) provide you with links to information, pictures and studies related to each city.

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Enjoy your sightseeing of Ancient Gallia!

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