1-     TITLE OF THE PROJECT . The Regional plan for the promotion of the audiovisual and movie language at school is carried out by IRRE ER ( Regional Institute for educational research). The first and the second years (project phases) are over; the third phase is to be started.

The project is part of Piano Nazionale per la promozione della didattica del linguaggio cinematografico e audiovisivo nella scuola (National Plan for the promotion of audiovisual and movie language at school) promoted by University of Roma Tre, Dipartimento della Comunicazione Letteraria e dello Spettacolo e dal G.I.L.A.S. (Project Group for the teaching of audiovisual language at school).

The project has been carried out by  a team work of IRRE Lazio, by the Dipartimento della Comunicazione Letteraria e dello Spettacolo, G.I.L.A.S. and  A.I.L.C. ( Association of  movie language teachers) and produced by IRRE Institutions.

IRRE ER participates to the actions  Netd@ays and Cined@ys, within the regional Plan,  implementing all the cultural and teaching activities in the area of  European films promoted by Cineteca of Bologna.


2-COMING EVENTS.  All the movies are at the Cinema Lumière, via Pietralata n.55, Bologna

-         Friday  nov 15th,20.00: Charlot soldato (ShoulderArm, USA, 1918) di C. Chaplin and Il cavaliere inesistente of P. Zac, (Italia, 1971)

-         Friday nov. 15th, 22.30: Gli anni in tasca (L’argent de poche) of F. Truffaut, (Francia 1976)

-         Saturday nov 16th ,15.00 (prima parte), Sunday nov.17th, 15.00 (seconda parte): Le avventure di Pinocchio of L. Comencini, (Italia, Francia, Germania, 1972)

-         Saturday nov 16th, 18.00: La guerra dei bottoni (La guerre des boutons) of Y. Robert (Francia, 1961)

-         Saturday nov.16th, 20.00: Il vampiro /Vampyr. Der trum des Allan Gray/Vampyr ou l’entrage aventure de David Gray) of C.T. Dreyer (Francia/Germania, 1923)

-         Saturday nov.16th, 22.30: Nosferatu il vampiro (Niosferatu, Eine Symphonie des Grauens) of F.W.Murnau (Germania, 1922)

-         Sunday nov 17th , 11.00: La vita è bella of R.Benigni (Italia, 1997)

-         Sunday nov. 24th , 11.00: Giorno di festa (Jour de fete) of J.Tati (Francia, 1974)

-         Sunday nov. 24th, 15.15: Il pianeta selvaggio (La planèt sauvage/Divokà planeta) of R. Laloux, (Francia-Cecoslovacchia, 1973)

-         Sunday nov.24th, 16.45: I quattrocento colpi (Le quatre-cents coups) of F. Truffaut (Francia, 1959)


Special teaching material has been produced to help teachers with the film comprehension and text analysis.


4. Candidate Institution IRRE ER – web site http://www.irreer.it



The National Movie Plan refers to the experimentation of curricula of Image Education in every school grade (from nursery school to high secondary school) .

The project is carried out in different steps: teachers training, laboratories, experimentation,  monitoring, evaluation and final documentation.

The regional project aims to the creation of a school network, where teachers and experts share theoretical methodologies and practical experimentation on the ground of a sound partnership.